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New Sidebar Links & Wanelo

A variety of new sidebars links are available..New sidebars links available in Free Graphics & Images, Image Editing and Indie Publishing Sites. Also use Wanelo, which is similar to Pinterest, to market yours and the work of others. Wanelo doesn’t have as much handmades activity as Pinterest. It is easy to use, with a pin button that you can add to your browser bookmarks or favorites bar.


If you’re on Zibbet, you may have questions about finding some of your products when searching.  Here’s a good review post on understanding how the search feature at Zibbet works. Being Found in a Zibbet Search.

Asset Or Liability: It’s Up To You

Hanging Felt Bat Stuffed Toy


Have you had experience with consignment?  If not, there’s lots of feedback to help you make a decision for or against pursuing this marketing avenue.

In response to those who bash it because of their poor experiences, I say that I think it’s like anything else in which we invest time/money. If it Continue reading

Does Donating Artwork To Charitable Events Really Pay Off?

Cynthia Stevenson

Cynthia Stevenson

Ever thought about donating some of your work to charitable events, sponsorships, fund-raisers, and other activities?  If there is a personal connection it won’t matter whether you receive a return.  For donating to miscellaneous causes, J.R. Compton, in Continue reading