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Help your products to get found at Zibbet.

If you’re on Zibbet, you may have questions about finding some of your products when searching.  Here’s a good review post on understanding how the search feature at Zibbet works. Being Found in a Zibbet Search.


Asset Or Liability: It’s Up To You

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Have you had experience with consignment?  If not, there’s lots of feedback to help you make a decision for or against pursuing this marketing avenue.

In response to those who bash it because of their poor experiences, I say that I think it’s like anything else in which we invest time/money. If it Continue reading

Getting Your Feet Wet In Banner Advertising

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Ana Karla

Project Wonderful is a banner advertising service, with free membership, for advertisers and publishers.  It is run as an advertising auction site at which banner ad display can be won for as little as $0.01 per day upwards.  Free banner space can also be acquired when there are no Continue reading

Welcome To The New Self Marketing Today: Technorati Claim In Process

Thrilled to be moved to WordPress.  In process of having my Technorati HE2T7UR99NYP info updated.  Thanks for your patience.


Signature Lines Sell, Lead Shoppers To Handmade Listings

Handmades Feature Link: trusk4u

Handmades Feature Link: Trusk4u

Did you configure your automated signature?  Do your posts and emails end with a bland name or initials, or even nothing at all?  Not saying that your name or moniker is bland, just that your marketing through this avenue is bland.

Years ago, I encountered my first graphic email signature line through Continue reading

Does Donating Artwork To Charitable Events Really Pay Off?

Cynthia Stevenson

Cynthia Stevenson

Ever thought about donating some of your work to charitable events, sponsorships, fund-raisers, and other activities?  If there is a personal connection it won’t matter whether you receive a return.  For donating to miscellaneous causes, J.R. Compton, in Continue reading

Scam Alert: PayPal Email Scam

How many times have you heard about it?  I got a PayPal official-looking email stating that some of my info seemed to be incomplete.  It looked so crisp and professional, even down to the copyright info at the bottom of the email page.

There was a link provided that took me to a PayPal  login page.  On this page was a form for me to completely fill in all of my info, as if I was applying for an account with PayPal.  Since PP had never required me to Continue reading

Scam Alert: Home Cash Profits & NBC News Article

Many of you are seeking to learn more ways to self-market yourself so that you can enjoy working from home full-time.  Meanwhile, you may be reviewing other work from home opportunities while building your creative business.

Watch out for a forwarded email with a link to a bogus NBC News article Continue reading

New Resource: Online Typing Tutor, Tests, Games

The faster and more accurately that you can type, the more impressive self-marketing work you can do.  The more you can do, the less self-marketing funds you will have to spend to hire someone else.

At this helpful typing site you will find links to many resources to improve your typing concentration, agility and speed.  Most of the help is free, and the games are great fun.  Try a game first just to have fun seeing where your typing skills are.   Find links to this site on my page:  Free Online Classes.

Licensing: How Violette Snagged BrushDance Contract

Artist Violette shares her art calendar and how it happened that BrushDance offered her a contract.  If you’re interested in producing your own video clips, watch some of Violette’s.  They are well made, short, entertaining and informative.

Purchase Violette’s calendar here: Bliss 12″ Wall Calendar