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Self Marketing Today Moved

Self Marketing Today, along with Living To Create, have become The Creative Seller. Please visit my new site at the main page, or at the blog.

Seeing Your Products With Fresh Eyes,

 Learning New Projects & Techniques,

And Better Marketing Of Who You Are Can Lead To More Sales.

Handmade sellers, self-taught artists, freelance designers, self-published writers, and other creative independents, learn ways to improve your marketing strategy and capitalize on your skills, talk about your creative pursuits and expand your horizons at

The Creative Seller.

Over 22,700 page views since 2004, first as Holland Paper & Decor Art, then Living To Create, then Self Marketing Today, and now The Creative Seller



Blog To Be Combined

SMT will be combined with Living To Create. I am in the process of moving it now. Thanks for visiting.

Blog On Hiatus

This blog is on hiatus as I re-think its direction. I love blogging and don’t intend to give it up at all, but to continue will involve massive reevaluation and reorganization. Look for an announcement sometime in the spring.

Thank you for reading,

Sandi Holland

Create More Time To Create

Stamp making.

Maria Tenorio

Protect yourself from becoming overloaded and paralyzed. Increase your production and get more business management done. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  1. Start deleting accounts to sites for which you can’t regularly update your profile and participate, within a Continue reading

New image editing programs links added in left sidebar. Improve your images and potential customers will return to your online store.

Welcome To The New Self Marketing Today: Technorati Claim In Process

Thrilled to be moved to WordPress.  In process of having my Technorati HE2T7UR99NYP info updated.  Thanks for your patience.


Does Donating Artwork To Charitable Events Really Pay Off?

Cynthia Stevenson

Cynthia Stevenson

Ever thought about donating some of your work to charitable events, sponsorships, fund-raisers, and other activities?  If there is a personal connection it won’t matter whether you receive a return.  For donating to miscellaneous causes, J.R. Compton, in Continue reading

Scam Alert: PayPal Email Scam

How many times have you heard about it?  I got a PayPal official-looking email stating that some of my info seemed to be incomplete.  It looked so crisp and professional, even down to the copyright info at the bottom of the email page.

There was a link provided that took me to a PayPal  login page.  On this page was a form for me to completely fill in all of my info, as if I was applying for an account with PayPal.  Since PP had never required me to Continue reading

New Resource: Online Typing Tutor, Tests, Games

The faster and more accurately that you can type, the more impressive self-marketing work you can do.  The more you can do, the less self-marketing funds you will have to spend to hire someone else.

At this helpful typing site you will find links to many resources to improve your typing concentration, agility and speed.  Most of the help is free, and the games are great fun.  Try a game first just to have fun seeing where your typing skills are.   Find links to this site on my page:  Free Online Classes.

List Your Original Techniques


Share a list of all of the artistic techniques that you created, and provide a link to an example.  Whether they have been picked up by other crafters or not, it still illustrates your advanced creativity.  If your creative process should become wildly popular,  you’ll receive increased traffic and accolades.  People will want to gawk at the originator of that great technique.

Make your list easily accessible, like in a sidebar on your website or blog.