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Create More Time To Create

Stamp making.

Maria Tenorio

Protect yourself from becoming overloaded and paralyzed. Increase your production and get more business management done. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  1. Start deleting accounts to sites for which you can’t regularly update your profile and participate, within a Continue reading

What's In The 1st Hour Of A Successful Day?

Dana Moos

At Fast Company, Kevin Purdy shares sunrise strategies of blockbuster entrepreneurs such as   Craig Newmark (Craigslist), Tony Robbins (motivational speaker), David Karp (Tumbler), Brian Tracey (Fast Company blogger), and more.

Do better at getting a jump on your day through tips from this Buffalo freelance writer, former LifeHacker editor, and coffee drinker.  And remember: Successful People Do Things That Others Don’t Like To Do (anonymous).

What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Workday by Kevin Purdy

Keep Visitors On Your Site Longer


BlogPolls is a site to which you can direct your visitors for voting.  It’s also another place to join, another username, another password and more sinking of your valuable time.  Try to use gadgets that keep visitors at your site longer.  Blogger has a blog poll gadget that you can add to your sidebar.  Check your blog/website host for a poll gadget before you use one that sends your visitors away.