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The Old Google Reader Is Fine

AllAboutTheButtons at #Zibbet


There is so much to review and read as we build and manage our business ventures. What feed reader do you use?  With the demise of iGoogle and Google Reader, many alternatives have been promoted. After reviewing the lists of Continue reading


Create More Time To Create

Stamp making.

Maria Tenorio

Protect yourself from becoming overloaded and paralyzed. Increase your production and get more business management done. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  1. Start deleting accounts to sites for which you can’t regularly update your profile and participate, within a Continue reading

Signature Lines Sell, Lead Shoppers To Handmade Listings

Handmades Feature Link: trusk4u

Handmades Feature Link: Trusk4u

Did you configure your automated signature?  Do your posts and emails end with a bland name or initials, or even nothing at all?  Not saying that your name or moniker is bland, just that your marketing through this avenue is bland.

Years ago, I encountered my first graphic email signature line through Continue reading

Your 1st Full-time Week: Take A Peek


Most of us want to do it, become full-time at creating what we love.  How does it feel?  What do I do?  What goes on when I wake up that first morning when I no longer have to answer to a manager throughout the Continue reading

Use Fusible Web In Collage & Art Quilting

Ana Karla

Cut time in half, and make a sturdy fabric collage as well, by using fabric fusing products.  Cate Prato considers it to be liberating rather than cheating.

She writes, in her Cloth, Paper, Scissors article, that each fusing product has its unique properties, so read manufacturer’s instructions.  Read her enthusiastic tips on how not to have to stitch a million little seams.

Tips For Using Fusible Web In Fabric Collage
Cate, a lifelong writer and editor, has been with CPS since the beginning in 2004.  She lives in Massachusetts.

What's In The 1st Hour Of A Successful Day?

Dana Moos

At Fast Company, Kevin Purdy shares sunrise strategies of blockbuster entrepreneurs such as   Craig Newmark (Craigslist), Tony Robbins (motivational speaker), David Karp (Tumbler), Brian Tracey (Fast Company blogger), and more.

Do better at getting a jump on your day through tips from this Buffalo freelance writer, former LifeHacker editor, and coffee drinker.  And remember: Successful People Do Things That Others Don’t Like To Do (anonymous).

What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Workday by Kevin Purdy

Writing, Blogging, Listing Products: How Serious and Committed Are You?


Have you started a blog, website or launched an online store but lament that you just don’t have the time to do regular updates and editing?  Part of the success that you long for is based on consistent participation in your own ventures.  One definition of creative insanity is not participating in your own stuff, but continuing to expect others to.

Brent Riggs says:

In the end, it boils down to how serious and committed you are. It’s about priorities and discipline.

He writes about the things that it’s easier to do, rather than knuckle down and do that composing of posts, editing and updating.  I once read this anonymous quotation:

Successful people do the things that others don’t like to do. (anonymous)

Read Brent’s suggestions on ways to find more time to invest in your creative ventures, in his article Just Can’t Find The Time.

How To Make More Time For Crafting: Color Keys

If you don’t listen to any other time-saving tip, listen to this one and do it.  For your stamp pads, inks, favorite markers, dyes, pencils and other coloring media you need a color key.

Artistic Studio Decor, Whisper stamp pads color key.
Stamp Pad Color Key
Wall Art

How do you make time on the back end?  You won’t have to test several inks to determine the right color.  Just look at your key and pick it.  Press, scribble, write, mark a piece of paper with each color.  You can hole punch the sheet and add to a binder.  You can even make wall art for your studio.  Just be sure to make it easily hang-a-ble and removable for those times when you’ll need to bring it closer.  This really is a true time-saver.

A Quick & Ongoing Way To Make More Arting Time


Word processor users do it.  Spreadsheet and database users do it.  You can too, and it will help you recover more blocks of time to do what you love, creating your visual art, craft, writings and other fun stuff….
So just copy, paste and edit  everything in site.  If you’re freshly preparing copy, profiles, product descriptions, store documents, lists and anything else that you use often, you’re consuming a huge amount of wasted time.

All it takes is a few minutes to identify or make a folder to put your masters in.  Store the folder in a file directory where you can easily find it.  You can store it on your desktop for even faster retrieval.  Each time you create something new, consider it to be a master or template.  Name it and save it instead of simply using it one time.  As you access your growing stock of masters and copy, paste and edit anything that you need you’ll see an increase in your output.  Time management minutes will increasingly drop off and onto your creative projects. Remember: copy, paste and edit everything that you can, all day, everyday.  

Squeeze Out More Time With A Merger

Merge your desktop To Do list with whatever desktop calendar w/alerts that you use.  I’ve kept a desktop document that I continuously updated with categorized tasks.  When I completed a task I would delete it.  I also keep my Windows calendar and get alerts from it everyday.  I thought I needed an infinite list of categories, which is why I had the To Do list.  I could continue to expand it and make an unlimited list of categories for tasks.  Now I see that I don’t need to continue to open two applications to essentially perform identical tasks.  I have four separate calendars designated within my Windows program, and that is enough categories for a To Do list.  Two tasks merged into one = more time.