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Reducing Bounce Rate & Increasing Time On Site: Just How Important IS It For SEO

Norbert Cieslik

According to Alexa’s Site Info, a site’s bounce rate % is the % of visits that consist of only one pageview.  At SEOwebsite, SEO Expert describes it like this: A “bounce” happens when a visitor lands and takes off from the same webpage without exploring other pages on the site.

Traditionally, a high bounce rate has been evaluated as a high incidence of unhappy visitors, and an indication that you need to make serious changes to your site.  Michael Martinez begs to differ, and writes in an article at SEO-Theory, that it is actually…
…bounce rate, along with other signals, that may affect a site’s results.  He has noticed that no one stays on sites like they used to, and visitors who quickly find what they want can bounce the most.  Bounce rate is not necessarily an accurate evaluation of a site’s effectiveness in satisfying its visitors.

A high percentage of time-on-site figures can also result from visitors not  finding what they want, but believing  that they will.  Whether they ever do or not cannot accurately be shown by these metrics.  Tedster posts, at Webmaster World that: bounce rate (as determined by standard analytics packages) is a notoriously challenging metric. I’ve seen a high performing page with a bounce rate of 85% – and this was a page with 750,000 search visits per week…!

If you are at a level where you are preoccupied with bounce rate and time on site, you may want to reevaluate your methods of data analysis.  Unless you can hire someone or pay for SEO data analysis and management services, you may want to consider focusing on simply improving the content on your blog or site.  Short, succinct posts and pages that include more than images can satisfy your visitors.  Linking to more of your own posts and pages within the site also encourages visitors to hang around.  If they can access simple statistics, maps, quotes, diagrams and other rich content, they will remain on your site longer.  Make this rich content highly  relevant to your posts and easy to understand, and your visitors will return seeking new information, and stay longer too.


Alexa Internet, founded in 1996, evaluates and provides site data, including statistics and related links, and website owner SEO products, and more.

SEO-Theory, The Late, Great Bounce Rate Debate, by Michael Martinez.  He has been active in search engine optimization since 1998 and Web site design and promotion since 1996.  He was a regular contributor to Suite101 (1998-2003) and SEOmoz (2006).

SEO Website, a work in progress by a bunch of seo enthusiasts.

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