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Scam Alert: PayPal Email Scam

How many times have you heard about it?  I got a PayPal official-looking email stating that some of my info seemed to be incomplete.  It looked so crisp and professional, even down to the copyright info at the bottom of the email page.

There was a link provided that took me to a PayPal  login page.  On this page was a form for me to completely fill in all of my info, as if I was applying for an account with PayPal.  Since PP had never required me to Continue reading


Scam Alert: The Walt Disney Company

Be on alert for this email:

To: The Walt Disney Company
From: The Walt Disney Company

(Without opening it I viewed the source code to find this:)

Good day,
my company is interested in your product can you please provide the following;
your minimum order quantity
your payment terms
delivery time 
can you assure of the quality when we order.
Mr Robert iger.

Just as we are advised, this is a very poor business letter.  No matter how exciting it may seem, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.  No matter how much someone may seem to be interested in you or your work, a legitimate business or business person will communicate in a professional manner.  Stop and think: No one at Walt Disney would ever contact someone like this.  Your time will come though.


Watermarking Can Help Or Harm Your Image(s)

If you’re considering watermarking your images, read Kyle’s article on what to consider.  At, he discusses types of watermarking, and whether to even do it or not.  He has written a lightly-detailed, easy to read article that can help you decide what is best for your pictures.  Watermarking can help prevent theft, but depending on how you use your pics, it can also hurt your image(s).

How To Watermark Your Photos by Kyle Shurman

Rebecca guides you through watermarking with Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial: Adding A Watermark To Your Images by Rebeccca Baer

Cody Talks About Preventing Right-Click Abuse

Get tips from Cody on stopping plagiarism as she shares her knowledge.  She encourages us to make sure that others are not using your pictures on their site without your permission.  She also talks about a blog post that she ran across in which the author details How To Search Google With A Picture Or Photo….

It’s too bad that we have to spend precious time policing like this, but it is a necessary part of managing an internet presence.  We should take notice of what is going on.  Decide to be aware, and choose how and how much policing you are willing to do to protect your work.