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Scam Alert: PayPal Email Scam

How many times have you heard about it?  I got a PayPal official-looking email stating that some of my info seemed to be incomplete.  It looked so crisp and professional, even down to the copyright info at the bottom of the email page.

There was a link provided that took me to a PayPal  login page.  On this page was a form for me to completely fill in all of my info, as if I was applying for an account with PayPal.  Since PP had never required me to Continue reading


Scam Alert: Home Cash Profits & NBC News Article

Many of you are seeking to learn more ways to self-market yourself so that you can enjoy working from home full-time.  Meanwhile, you may be reviewing other work from home opportunities while building your creative business.

Watch out for a forwarded email with a link to a bogus NBC News article Continue reading

Scam Alert: The Walt Disney Company

Be on alert for this email:

To: The Walt Disney Company
From: The Walt Disney Company

(Without opening it I viewed the source code to find this:)

Good day,
my company is interested in your product can you please provide the following;
your minimum order quantity
your payment terms
delivery time 
can you assure of the quality when we order.
Mr Robert iger.

Just as we are advised, this is a very poor business letter.  No matter how exciting it may seem, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.  No matter how much someone may seem to be interested in you or your work, a legitimate business or business person will communicate in a professional manner.  Stop and think: No one at Walt Disney would ever contact someone like this.  Your time will come though.


Scam Alert: Targeting Hotmail Accounts

If you use Hotmail and get a private msg from someone you know, you probably should NOT click on it.  There’s a blue clickable link that reads “…so and so has sent you a Private Message in the body.  It will probably lead you to a page that asks you to sign in again to your email account, at which point your email account will be hacked.

When I got one from someone I know, but haven’t been in contact with for some time, I first looked at the source code, and didn’t recognize anything.  Then I Googled How To Send Hotmail Private Messages because I wanted to learn if it was really possible and how to do it, before I decided to open that email.  I found many posts in my search that told me that the Private Message hotmail email is a phishing scam.  Clicking on the link does send you to that re-sign in page.