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Namely, Thunder Rose Leather

Thunder Rose Leather logo

Thunder Rose Leather at Zibbet

Namely Is An Infrequent, Mini Feature That Helps You To Brainstorm Business Naming

Ever wondered how business owners find their unique and memorable business names? Thunder Rose Leather is such a name; one that caused me to imagine all sorts of beautiful things. A bright, bold-colored, yet soft rose. Rainy storm clouds. A volatile, cherished love.  The name evokes so much atmosphere. When I asked Debbie, co-owner with her husband John, these questions: Thunder Rose Leather is a beautiful name. Is there such a flower? How did you choose Continue reading


Does Donating Artwork To Charitable Events Really Pay Off?

Cynthia Stevenson

Cynthia Stevenson

Ever thought about donating some of your work to charitable events, sponsorships, fund-raisers, and other activities?  If there is a personal connection it won’t matter whether you receive a return.  For donating to miscellaneous causes, J.R. Compton, in Continue reading

Start Your Online Store Or Blog With 5 Of These…

Claudia Helena

…and get faithful visitors out of the blocks.  Launch your online store with no less than 5 listings, and your beginning visitors just might buy something.  Start your blog with no less than 5 posts and a combination of 5 gadgets, links and images in your sidebar, and your visitors just might return.  Make one of those gadgets an About Me profile link, with an avatar, and your rating, among potential followers, will increase…

It is discouraging to visit a store with 1 or 2 lonely items.  I rarely return, especially if there are little to no product descriptions.  If you have 5 items, and 3 sell before you list others, upload SOLD images to keep your store attractively populated.  Maybe some 1-item stores have sold many items, but how will a visitor know that?  It just looks like a sparsely furnished store.

Use your own feelings to determine what to do and not do in marketing yourself.  How do you feel when you visit a poorly stocked store with sloppy or no store documents?  Do you really try to re-visit a website or blog that appears to be prematurely started, or neglected?  Be patient and flesh out your site before launching.  You’ll appear and feel more like a business professional, which will go a long way towards customer confidence and potential sales.

4 Ways To Make An Impression When You Leave

When you leave a site, delete your account, take down your page, etc., make your departure work for you.  Compose a msg/email to the people you met, to say goodbye.  Maybe you can…
…add a global goodbye post, if you think it would be appropriate.  That would, however, alert everyone.  Maybe you wouldn’t want to connect in the outer limits with everyone you met at the site.  Alternately, compose your message, save it and copy and paste it in a private message to each person whom you want to alert.

Include in it your places to connect, your listings, your sites, etc.  Invite them to keep in touch.  It would be nice to share why you are leaving, but you don’t have to.  Even if you only met and became friends with 1 person, you owe it to him/her to at least say goodbye.

  1. Say goodbye.
  2. Be professional.
  3. Show That you care.
  4. Make an impression.

Be sure to make your message warm and honest.  Remember: you are doing this because you sincerely would like to keep in touch, not because you are trying to sell to them.  Show others that you care and they will remember you, and your work.  Your professionalism just might garner some sales for you later!  Consumers like to buy from professionals.

How To Get People To Your Website: Host A Free One

Giving something for free easily gets the attention of potential customers.  A free site also acts as a great hub to which to link your other revenue-generating venues….

  • Do you have a skill or talent that you can share free of charge?
  • Do you have a growing desktop folder of digital media that you never use, and which has been sitting there for ages?
  • Are you good at something that you can systematically share in a way that would not take up too much valuable time?

Why not blog, feature an image gallery or start a site about it?

Don’t forget to prepare your guidelines or terms of use, and any other stipulations for your free site.  Decide to host your free site for the long haul, which will be easy to do if you pick something to give that is always a part of you.  That way you can be sure to always have new content to add to your site, which will keep your visitors coming back.

If you are a doodler, give your doodles instead of throwing them away.  Someone would love to have them, and for free?  What about those verses or quotations that you are always penning.  You write hundreds before you like one and use it.  What if someone else would be excited to be able to use your snippets?  You have something that you can give.  It’s great public relations, and if it has it’s origin in something that you love, your visitors will feel the love too! 

Consider Creating & Sharing An Original Techniques List

If you have created some new techniques in your art and crafting, why not make a list to share?  This linked list will not only steer visitors to your site(s), it can also help establish you as the originator as others learn and copy your style.  It’s also a nifty place for you to keep track of your original techniques for your own records….

If you haven’t, be sure to name each of your techniques, and provide a link to an image, tutorial or blog post to illustrate each one.  View my blossoming list, in the left-hand sidebar, at my online studio at blogger:  SHMM.

As you share your techniques word will get around and you’ll be given credit in creative circles.  Creating an original techniques list just helps the process along.  Just remember: if you’re claiming credit for the technique, it must be really original.  If it was actually inspired, and too closely resembles the technique of another artist, then you’re not really the originator.  It would be better in that case to give credit sometimes by mentioning the person by whom you were inspired.  Don’t include a technique like that in your list.

Are Your Neglected Profiles & Pages Helping Or Harming Your Image?


Make good use of multiple social media accounts but don’t take on more than you can keep up with.  I utilize Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and of course this blog.  I used to have a few more, but it was hard to keep up with.  They’re only useful for you if you actually have the time to use them.”

This suggestion was blogged by a jewelry artisan friend, Heather Everson.  She suggests that we not take on more social media…
accounts than we can keep up with.  Some feel that being dormant….
on a site is better than no promotion at all, but what image does it really project about your operation?….

When you have so many accounts that you haven’t found time to update your profile page for a year, how does it look to visitors?  When you join new crafting social sites, listing sites and galleries, and haven’t edited or uploaded new content since 2010, because you are overloaded, what is it saying about you to potential customers?

Consider deleting some of your accounts and updating the others on a regular schedule.  The schedule is up to you and also depends on the site content.  Whether daily or monthly, or quarterly visiting your profiles and pages to dust, rearrange and replace will inspire interest, excitement and confidence in your visitors.  It could turn them into customers, and you wouldn’t mind that, would you?

PRWeb Distributes Your Press Releases For A Fee

Teresa Rusk

It may be to your benefit to join PRWeb, where you write your business announcement and they publish it.

This online news and press release distribution service charges $89 per basic news release and $159 per standard news release. 


Other Fee-based PR Services

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