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What Small Fact About Your Product Would Be Big To A Potential Customer?

Kazutaka NAKANO

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This is an impressive little fact that could sway a potential customer to make a purchase. Think hard. What fact about your work or service would a potential customer have no way of knowing if you had never told him? Write it up, quick, and insert it into your promotional text.


Increase Sales By Writing More

slightly everything 

Take time to write out every detail, in your product descriptions, that your customers would want to know.  You only have to write a master for this document once.  After that, it’s only a matter of editing and updating.

Shabby Cottage Studio has one of the best digital product descriptions that I’ve read.  Patti’s shop policies and product description, at PholkartBlessings, explain clearly what a customer can expect and how her digi stamps are to be used….

Adding more detail to your descriptions and overviews answers the questions that your customers may have, before they ask them.  This reduces the number of emails/phone calls and other interaction, and closes the sale faster.