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Economical Packing Tip For Shipping Merchandise

The first thing to do to protect small, flat artwork during shipment is to wrap the piece in waxed paper.  This helps to prevent areas of the work from sticking to the wrapping.  Next wrap it in a padding of newspaper.  It can then be slipped into a padded envelope for safe shipment.


Bottle Vendor: No Minimum Orders Required

According to their website, Specialty Bottle supplies glass, plastic and metal containers throughout the nation and Canada.  Though they service large, well-known companies, most of their customers are small companies and individuals.

The best thing is that there are is no minimum order required and no surcharges for small orders.  You can even order one bottle if you want.  They have a detailed left sidebar menu that includes clear corked bottles, Victorian square bottles, clear top tin containers, cranberry plastic bottles, lip balm tools, slimline aluminum bottles and shrink bands.  Specialty Bottle is located in Seattle, WA.