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If you’re on Zibbet, you may have questions about finding some of your products when searching.  Here’s a good review post on understanding how the search feature at Zibbet works. Being Found in a Zibbet Search. Advertisements

Start Your Online Store Or Blog With 5 Of These…

Claudia Helena

…and get faithful visitors out of the blocks.  Launch your online store with no less than 5 listings, and your beginning visitors just might buy something.  Start your blog with no less than 5 posts and a combination of 5 gadgets, links and images in your sidebar, and your visitors just might return.  Make one of those gadgets an About Me profile link, with an avatar, and your rating, among potential followers, will increase…

It is discouraging to visit a store with 1 or 2 lonely items.  I rarely return, especially if there are little to no product descriptions.  If you have 5 items, and 3 sell before you list others, upload SOLD images to keep your store attractively populated.  Maybe some 1-item stores have sold many items, but how will a visitor know that?  It just looks like a sparsely furnished store.

Use your own feelings to determine what to do and not do in marketing yourself.  How do you feel when you visit a poorly stocked store with sloppy or no store documents?  Do you really try to re-visit a website or blog that appears to be prematurely started, or neglected?  Be patient and flesh out your site before launching.  You’ll appear and feel more like a business professional, which will go a long way towards customer confidence and potential sales.

Attract Customers With Color Reverse Psychology


Have you ever wanted to walk into a cool, blue waterfall in Summer?  When the cold, blustery wind is whipping in Winter, what do you want to do then?  Get as close as you can to a fire, or other heat source, or something that looks warm and cozy, right?  This same psychology can be used to inspire customers to look at your merchandise and read your listings.

Careful placement of warm hues in Winter, in font styles, page colors and product color themes, can arrest visitors and compel them to look.  Whenever I can, I feature products that have color themes that are opposite the seasonal colors…

Be careful how you implement this strategy.  Unwise use of color reverse psychology can have the opposite affect on potential customers, and repel them.  I believe this is because we have been trained, by merchandisers, to desire warm colors for Summer and cool colors for Winter.  I don’t know about you, but seeing something blue in Winter can cause me to feel more cold than I already am.  I then don’t want to go anywhere near it.  Throw in warm-colored advertising text, or a blue, knitted sweater design with golden-orange shot through, and you’ve got my attention.  I want to cozy up to it then.  I may even buy it.  Imagine that!

Selling Your Prints As On-Demand Products: Lucrative or Lame


How much does it really benefit you to list your artwork at on-demand products sites?  I ran across a detailed and insightful complaint about OD products giant CafePress.  Though it has
the ring of truth, I’m sure CP can benefit you depending on what you promote and on how many items.  Will it be worth it,…
…however, for what you get in return?  I never used my CP account that I opened years ago.  There have been too many changes to their TOS that seemed to me to adversely affect the artist.  Read that interesting post at

Custom Dropshipper claims to have an alternative plan that offers what CafePress, Zazzle and others don’t.  They are free for the first 30 days.  They then deduct one of three types of monthly fee plans from your PayPal account.

DeviantArt offers all registered users the opportunity to sell their artwork prints on t-shirts and other products.  Their instructions on submitting images and setting up your print products can be found here.  Many other OD products hosting sites I reviewed were more for corporate promotional and incentive products, rather than for artistic print products.

Whether it can be lucrative or lame to list prints for on-demand products is up to you.  Investing time to upload and format hundreds, and even thousands, of designs for which you only get $1 per sale may be lame.  Highlighting five of your easily recognizable designs, on a handful of popular items, may be worth the meager returns for the additional web presence.  You could move on to other things, update your profile periodically, and reap the rewards of increased exposure.

Increase Sales Through Solicited Donations


Asking for a donation is a beneficial merger of selling an item and giving it free.  It’s another way to circulate your work and your name among potential lifelong customers.  Provide a donation button or cart for the service(s).

Decide on the suggested donation amount, whether market or reduced.  If contributors are especially grateful, they can usually opt in to donate more than what you suggest.  I did this when I donated to a crafter for her marketing services.

Remember: receiving a donation for your product or service is a type of sale.  Someone is paying you for it,  even though it may be just a token payment.  They may one day decide to review and buy more of your work.

A Way To List A Custom Order And Get Paid

Piecake Prim

See how Piecake Prim listed her custom handmade item for a customer?  She wrote that if the viewer is not the person named (she gave the name), please don’t order.  A creative way to provide for this customer to pay for their special order, without making special arrangements.