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How To Make Link Buttons by Debbie Bolocofsky


Debbie makes it easier for you to design your image along with the grab box in How To Make A Link Party Button.  These condensed instructions also include help with making a featured blogger button.

In How To Make A Sponsor Button Link, Debbie provides instructions using Photobucket to host your images.  You should be able to use any gallery host where you are allowed to access your image links.  She shows you how to copy and paste the html code.  With simple editing you’ll make a clickable button that will take your visitors to wherever you want them to go.


How To Make A Blog Button: Great Instructions

Angie Ouellette-Tower says that Oikology 101 has great instructions on how to make a blog button.  Others can grab YOUR button too!  Angie is my current featured crafter of the month.  See her sunflower photograph pendant and link in the top right sidebar.

Test A Pattern And Link Your Store Opportunity

Sheryl is seeking pattern testers for Halloween treat and gift bags.  Hand or machine applique will need to be applied.  Her quidelines include Feedback is needed by July 31st….a high resolution….full sized digital photo….answers to….list of questions….link to your blog or website.  Read all of her guidelines here: Sher’s Creative Space .

Incoming Links Described by James Dillehay

James is a professional crafter and writer whom I first connected with at Twitter.  From there I connected with him through Craftsu and other sites.  Because of his handmade marketing expertise, I signed up for his newsletter, and bought one of his ebooks.  In this article at Handmade he explains the concept of incoming links and the important practice of generating them: Tips From A Pro: Improve Your Shop Seo.

Test Your Links, Increase Traffic


How many customers have you lost because some of your links are broken?  Assuming that your links are okay when you make them can cost you lots of connections and sales. Do you know what it means to say a link is broken ?

  1. You typed your link address incorrectly.
  2. You copied your link address incorrectly….
  3. There was a browser problem and your link did not save.
  4. There was a site problem and your link did not save.
Visit some of your own links, especially the ones to your listing sites.  Maybe you’ll discover why you visitor count has barely increased.  Correct your links and you just may sell those long-standing listed products.

SMT Now Listed On Technorati

Review and listing at Technorati is complete:
Paperlady Blog Claims

(In process of listing this blog F6F6NHXF6SME at Technorati.  Thanks for your patience.)

Be A Stop On The Circuit, Use A Link Tool

Dana Moos

I found myself at Perfectly Provident’s Make Your Own Mixes post, and surprised at how I got there.  It was through following link tools posted on blogs.  Did I leave comments along the way?  Not this time, but my quick visits are worth something to the blog owners who count those things….

My journey went like this:  I visited Ardith Goodwin through Art Blog Hop.  After looking at a couple of Ardith’s blogs, I chose to follow a regular blog link (not a link TOOL link) to Creative Everyday.  I saw Leah’s use of a link list at the end of some of her blog posts, and clicked on the link host  to learn more.

That led me to do a Google search for the host, where I found Tip Junkie in the search results, writing about the link host.  Here Laurie talks about what lead her to start using the link tool, giving credit to inspiration from Rocks In My Dryer, who uses it all the time.

Out of Shannon’s 277 non-thumbnail  links at the end of a post at RIMD, one actually caught my eye: Make Your Own Mixes.  It happened so fast that I don’t even know what link it was in the list.  I went back to find it and it took too much scanning to try.  I was at Polly’s site before I knew it, reviewing her simple dry mix recipes, and agreeing with one commentor that they would make great Christmas gifts.

The moral: Don’t downplay the usefulness of a simple link list.  Though I didn’t use a link tool connection for every lap of my travel, it was link tools that began my journey and ended it, increasing the visit count for every site along the way.