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4 Things To Do To Bring Customers Back

queen puff puff

  1. Send a free gift without revealing  that you are going to do it.
  2. Surprise your customer  with something unique.  Allow them to open their order and find something that they did not expect.
  3. Don’t tell everything in your product description.  Reserve some information for a surprise.
  4. Aside from what is necessary to help them decide to buy, don’t photograph every little thing about your product.  When they see the surprise, they’ll remember you and maybe come back to buy more.

You certainly want to share particular product characteristics in advance, because of the importance in generating sales.  Just remember: Customers like to be surprised and delighted.  Don’t you?  


What Would You Have Done If YOU Owned Facebook?

Heather Everson

We’ve heard quite a bit of negative press about Zuckerberg ‘s Facebook public offering launch.    Investors are disappointed and anxious about the seemingly endless rollercoaster value of shares.  What would you have done differently if you owned FB?  How would you have handled the initial share offering, or prepared for it?

If you owned FB, what would you do now?