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Namely, Thunder Rose Leather

Thunder Rose Leather logo

Thunder Rose Leather at Zibbet

Namely Is An Infrequent, Mini Feature That Helps You To Brainstorm Business Naming

Ever wondered how business owners find their unique and memorable business names? Thunder Rose Leather is such a name; one that caused me to imagine all sorts of beautiful things. A bright, bold-colored, yet soft rose. Rainy storm clouds. A volatile, cherished love.  The name evokes so much atmosphere. When I asked Debbie, co-owner with her husband John, these questions: Thunder Rose Leather is a beautiful name. Is there such a flower? How did you choose Continue reading


New Sidebar Links & Wanelo

A variety of new sidebars links are available..New sidebars links available in Free Graphics & Images, Image Editing and Indie Publishing Sites. Also use Wanelo, which is similar to Pinterest, to market yours and the work of others. Wanelo doesn’t have as much handmades activity as Pinterest. It is easy to use, with a pin button that you can add to your browser bookmarks or favorites bar.

Asset Or Liability: It’s Up To You

Hanging Felt Bat Stuffed Toy


Have you had experience with consignment?  If not, there’s lots of feedback to help you make a decision for or against pursuing this marketing avenue.

In response to those who bash it because of their poor experiences, I say that I think it’s like anything else in which we invest time/money. If it Continue reading

Getting Your Feet Wet In Banner Advertising

Acrylic landscape painting, trees, hills, orange fields, yellow sky, dark foreground.

Ana Karla

Project Wonderful is a banner advertising service, with free membership, for advertisers and publishers.  It is run as an advertising auction site at which banner ad display can be won for as little as $0.01 per day upwards.  Free banner space can also be acquired when there are no Continue reading

Signature Lines Sell, Lead Shoppers To Handmade Listings

Handmades Feature Link: trusk4u

Handmades Feature Link: Trusk4u

Did you configure your automated signature?  Do your posts and emails end with a bland name or initials, or even nothing at all?  Not saying that your name or moniker is bland, just that your marketing through this avenue is bland.

Years ago, I encountered my first graphic email signature line through Continue reading

Find Your Market & Be True To Your Creativity

What I like about Megan’s point is the ability to remain true to our creative inspirations and still enjoy sales.  In her post, Selling Doesn’t Mean Selling Out she writes that You don’t have to completely change what it is you create in order to sell your artwork. You just have to find your niche audience that will LIKE what you make.  She further suggests that just because work may not appeal to a large audience doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy sales, or that we have to change our creative style in order to.

Megan is a designer with a BA from the college for Designing at Whitworth University.  She lives in Eastern Washington, enjoys beading, and has jewelry in three Etsy shops.

Attract Customers With Color Reverse Psychology


Have you ever wanted to walk into a cool, blue waterfall in Summer?  When the cold, blustery wind is whipping in Winter, what do you want to do then?  Get as close as you can to a fire, or other heat source, or something that looks warm and cozy, right?  This same psychology can be used to inspire customers to look at your merchandise and read your listings.

Careful placement of warm hues in Winter, in font styles, page colors and product color themes, can arrest visitors and compel them to look.  Whenever I can, I feature products that have color themes that are opposite the seasonal colors…

Be careful how you implement this strategy.  Unwise use of color reverse psychology can have the opposite affect on potential customers, and repel them.  I believe this is because we have been trained, by merchandisers, to desire warm colors for Summer and cool colors for Winter.  I don’t know about you, but seeing something blue in Winter can cause me to feel more cold than I already am.  I then don’t want to go anywhere near it.  Throw in warm-colored advertising text, or a blue, knitted sweater design with golden-orange shot through, and you’ve got my attention.  I want to cozy up to it then.  I may even buy it.  Imagine that!

Brainstorming Creative Ways To Market Your Art

Kathy’s Backyard

More creative ways to market your art and craft work, shared in article by Mario Toneguzzi, at Calgary Herald.  Artist Van Ginkel hosts home gallery viewings.  Read what he and his wife does that makes these events special: Local Artist Marketing His Work In Creative Ways.