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Namely Is An Infrequent, Mini Feature That Helps You To Brainstorm Business Naming

Ever wondered how business owners find their unique and memorable business names? Thunder Rose Leather is such a name; one that caused me to imagine all sorts of beautiful things. A bright, bold-colored, yet soft rose. Rainy storm clouds. A volatile, cherished love.  The name evokes so much atmosphere. When I asked Debbie, co-owner with her husband John, these questions: Thunder Rose Leather is a beautiful name. Is there such a flower? How did you choose your name,? she responded with this,

There isn’t a flower called Thunder Rose that I know of. I was sitting outside one day many years ago and the name Thunder Rose came to me. We attached Leather to it when we registered our website domain.

So if you’re brainstorming a business name, just make up one. That’s what you’re trying to do right? It doesn’t have to be based on something that exists, but it now exists for you and your business. What does Mark Coker, Founder & CEO of Smashwords, have to say about the origin of his business name,

It’s a manufactured name.  It captures in the yin and yang (the positive and the negative, both interlinked) of the writing process.  It represents the angst that many writers experience during the creative process of writing, revising and editing.  As any writer will tell you, the writing process can be painful, yet also ecstatically joyous. And finally, after the writer navigates the writing process and releases their finished work, it means “success,” such as “Smash hit” or the phrase, “Absolutely Smashing!” (Getting Started)

Find Thunder Rose products here: Zibbet, Etsy.Image


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One response to “Namely, Thunder Rose Leather

  1. Thanks for thinking of us on your blog.
    Debbie and John


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