Meet Self-Published Writer C. Maria Wall

Silent Noise: Healing Poetry of Life by C. Maria Wall

Silent Noise: Healing Poetry of Life by C. Maria Wall

C. Maria Wall is Founder and Director of The Wall Foundation, Inc., a non-profit that she launched to help at-risk youth and their families. She has and still does various types of writing, as a President and CEO who oversees the daily operations of all board members and volunteers. In fact, she has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil, form words and put those words on paper.

Ms. Wall has written five books; three being poetry volumes and two books on healing photography. She used Amazon CreateSpace to publish two of her books, including Silent Noise: Healing Poetry of Life. She is also the Producer and Host, and writes content for Healing Through Hurt, an iTalk radio program that is a subsidiary of her foundation. 

Maria says that the one thing that has helped her to become successful as a writer is her own life experiences. She has drawn upon them to write relevant material that impacts across a wide segment of our society. Her desire to share what she lacked when growing up has caused her to devote herself to helping youth.

She founded and directs two youth & family programs. S.H.I.N.E, which stands for S-elf esteem, H-ealing, I-nspiration, N-urturing and E-ncouragement, is designed to help girls to build a HEALthy foundation for their future! S.M.I.L.E., S-uccess, M-otivation, I-ngenuity, L-eadership and E-mpowerment assists tweens, teens, young & older adults, who are ready to develop their leadership skills for survival in the business world.

Ms. Wall has this to share about her writing and self-publishing pursuits.

1. How long have you been writing?

Wow! I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil, form words and put those words on paper.

2. What type of manuscripts have you produced?

I have produced 5 books in total, three are poetry and two are my healing photography.

3. What gave you confidence to publish a book?

Actually it was my college English professor who happened to teach poetry, he understood my work.

4. How did you like Amazon CreateSpace?

I love CreateSpace because of the ease of use and the face that it was tied to Amazon which is a major retail source!

5. Why did you choose Beth Zimmerman to edit your book?

Beth is like my older sister from different parents; I tend to align myself with people who possess a talent I do not and the drive to make things happen.

6. Do you write content or scripts for your Healing Through Hurt i-Talk Radio program?

I write content but the show is never scripted because I want my audience to connect with my guest on that human level; many shows use the same pre-formed questions so it tends to get old quickly.

7. As President & CEO of The Wall Foundation, Inc., a non-profit that you launched, how do you get people to listen, take notice, support, give, etc., when you write various types of documents?

I am a very hands on Leader and being a survivor myself I have found that I can connect with my audience on a personal level; I walk among them and dry their tears. I have developed a network within a network I have my HEALing THrough Hurt i-talk radio group on Facebook, Relationship Recovery on Google+ and W.O.W.W. the Women of Wisdom and Worth on meetup and The Wall Foundation channel on YouTube Non-Profits!

8. Have you sought work as a writer, either temporary or contract?

No I do not feel that writing for others in that capacity is my calling. I do inspire, encourage and teach others to write if that is what their soul desires.

9. What one thing has helped you to be successful as a writer?

My life experiences.

10. Why are you committed to being a youth advocate?

When I had my media production company, I worked with a large non-profit with my award-winning youth media program. I saw the need for young people to have someone who believed in them without any preconceived judgement. I wanted to share what I never had growing up and show they what they can achieve through hard work, drive and dedication.

Ms. Wall’s book, Silent Noise “Lip Service,”  edited by Beth Zimmerman, can also be found on Amazon. It is a book of powerful, gritty poetry that encourages serious evaluation and determination to overcome.

The Wall Foundation, Inc. is in Maryland, P.O. Box 272, Randallstown, 21133-0272. The web address is:;id=7;

The Healing Through Hurt iTalk radio program can be found here:



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