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Namely, Thunder Rose Leather

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Thunder Rose Leather at Zibbet

Namely Is An Infrequent, Mini Feature That Helps You To Brainstorm Business Naming

Ever wondered how business owners find their unique and memorable business names? Thunder Rose Leather is such a name; one that caused me to imagine all sorts of beautiful things. A bright, bold-colored, yet soft rose. Rainy storm clouds. A volatile, cherished love.  The name evokes so much atmosphere. When I asked Debbie, co-owner with her husband John, these questions: Thunder Rose Leather is a beautiful name. Is there such a flower? How did you choose Continue reading


Meet Self-Published Writer C. Maria Wall

Silent Noise: Healing Poetry of Life by C. Maria Wall

Silent Noise: Healing Poetry of Life by C. Maria Wall

C. Maria Wall is Founder and Director of The Wall Foundation, Inc., a non-profit that she launched to help at-risk youth and their families. She has and still does various types of writing, as a President and CEO who oversees the daily operations of all board members and volunteers. In fact, she has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil, form words and put those words on paper.

Ms. Wall has written five books; three being poetry volumes and two books on Continue reading