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The Old Google Reader Is Fine

AllAboutTheButtons at #Zibbet


There is so much to review and read as we build and manage our business ventures. What feed reader do you use?  With the demise of iGoogle and Google Reader, many alternatives have been promoted. After reviewing the lists of Continue reading


New Sidebar Links & Wanelo

A variety of new sidebars links are available..New sidebars links available in Free Graphics & Images, Image Editing and Indie Publishing Sites. Also use Wanelo, which is similar to Pinterest, to market yours and the work of others. Wanelo doesn’t have as much handmades activity as Pinterest. It is easy to use, with a pin button that you can add to your browser bookmarks or favorites bar.

Create More Time To Create

Stamp making.

Maria Tenorio

Protect yourself from becoming overloaded and paralyzed. Increase your production and get more business management done. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  1. Start deleting accounts to sites for which you can’t regularly update your profile and participate, within a Continue reading