Asset Or Liability: It’s Up To You

Hanging Felt Bat Stuffed Toy


Have you had experience with consignment?  If not, there’s lots of feedback to help you make a decision for or against pursuing this marketing avenue.

In response to those who bash it because of their poor experiences, I say that I think it’s like anything else in which we invest time/money. If it doesn’t work out well, we simply ask ourselves if we want to tweak it and continue, or do we abandon it for a new marketing strategy? Anything that we want to do, we find a way. We do it everyday in our private lives. We just don’t notice how much we push, in our minds and spirits, to have our way.

Anything can be an asset, and anything can be a liability. It’s up to the individual or entity. It doesn’t matter what has been the experience of others, except that it helps us to understand how we really feel.

If you are in a consignment agreement, or if you are considering it, and it doesn’t develop as you had hoped, then your decision is not to chuck it all without asking yourself this question: Do I really want to do this, or not?  You either do, or you don’t.  If you do, you can find a way to make it work, whether it involves changing the consignor, or not.

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