Getting Your Feet Wet In Banner Advertising

Acrylic landscape painting, trees, hills, orange fields, yellow sky, dark foreground.

Ana Karla

Project Wonderful is a banner advertising service, with free membership, for advertisers and publishers.  It is run as an advertising auction site at which banner ad display can be won for as little as $0.01 per day upwards.  Free banner space can also be acquired when there are no bids, or when all bids for a space have expired.  A bid is the method in which you add your ad onto a publisher’s website, blog, etc.  How many $=x are you willing to or can you shell out to have your banner ad running on a site of your choice?  It’s totally up to you.

All bidding and charges are in CPD (cost per day), rather than CPC or CPM.  At Project Wonderful your account is not at the mercy of fraudulent clickers, because you are charged for the time that your ad displays, rather than by clicks.  Bids/banners can be run for 24 hours, and can also be cancelled at any time, even within a 24-hour time period.

No matter what amount you bid, you’re always charged the minimum of that amount in order to be the highest bidder.  If you bid $3.00 a day, or for a day, you may only be charged $1.00 a day if that is all it takes for you to be the highest bidder for that day.  If someone bids higher than your $3.00, you’ll need to increase your bid by altering it, in order for your ad to display that day(s).

Project Wonderful is run on an infinite auction format in which bidding never ends.  The system is described at the site like this, ….system designed with transparency, fairness and profitability in mind for everyone involved.  Following is a simplified example, which I paraphrased, from the site’s explanation, according to my understanding.

If one person bids an amount for 1 day, and another bids a smaller amount on the same space, but for 1 week, the high bidder wins of course.  This is only for the day that the high bidder chose.  His bid expires in 24 hours, and the lower bidder’s bid becomes the high bid, because she bid her lower bid for 1 week.

Her bid is still active, unless she’s cancelled it.  Her high bid kicks in if no one else has yet entered a higher bid.  Project Wonderful says, Our system examines all bids, every second of every day.  They further share that all charging is done to the nearest second.

Ads are sold in various shapes and sizes, and they offer ad templates for download.  You would first need to create an ad using your graphics program, and then add it to your account.  I created my first ad before I joined.  I like that the ad format allows for hover text.  It’s a good space to use for additional pitches, which can de-clutter your banner.

When I first noticed PW, at Craftsu, I observed how I was drawn to the simplest banners.  Interestingly, those banners had few words, or even no text at all.  Skillful marketing is when we place ourselves in, or have been in, the target’s shoes, and practice using that knowledge.

The best thing about PW is that any budget can support its services.  Using PW is also a good way to get your feet wet in launching a banner advertising campaign, which is not as overwhelming as it sounds.  It can mean displaying one banner for a day, or a series of banners over a period of time.

The search for publishers feature is a great way to locate niche sites that accept banner ads.  Though your search can be done in any search engine, at Project Wonderful you know that all results offer current and affordable advertising opportunities.  In addition, full performance tracking is a site feature, and you can alter or cancel your bid at any time.

The most exciting part of PW to me is the bidding process, only second to banner creation.  The instructions for the easy bidding and banner placement procedure is displayed here:

Project Wonderful: How Do I Bid On A Site?

I have read 1 in-depth article in which the author judged the Project Wonderful system as not being able to provide a reliable and desired return for time/money invested.  Well I have absolutely no time for banner ad creation and the management of advertising campaigns.  Neither do I have funds, at this time, for advertising.  Project Wonderful allows me to embark upon an affordable and largely hands-off ad campaign for my independent projects and business pursuits.

The site is simply designed, instructions and guidelines are easy to follow, and the graphics easy to understand.  I consider utilizing Project Wonderful to be worthwhile for me, if not in revenue at least in auction display advertising and banner design experience, which in the long run is invaluable.

This PW video is made for Etsy users, but has great info that is applicable to anyone:

Here’s another video that will help you to learn PW:


2 responses to “Getting Your Feet Wet In Banner Advertising

  1. Thanks so much for the helpful post! I’ve been thinking about advertising a lot lately so this is perfect timing!


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