Signature Lines Sell, Lead Shoppers To Handmade Listings

Handmades Feature Link: trusk4u

Handmades Feature Link: Trusk4u

Did you configure your automated signature?  Do your posts and emails end with a bland name or initials, or even nothing at all?  Not saying that your name or moniker is bland, just that your marketing through this avenue is bland.

Years ago, I encountered my first graphic email signature line through Jeanette M. Pintar, owner and author of the Positive News Network.  I was using Netscape, Outlook Express and AT&T Worldnet.  Remember them?  OE is still used, but I use online email now.  Downloading messages to my computer through OE seems now to cause me to do double duty, a definite no-no.  I was so impressed and intrigued by Ms. Pintar’s signature, which included a banner, that I applied myself on how to create them.  It is true that I have people asking me for link info, that is at the bottom of the email that they received from me.  What does this mean?  They didn’t notice my signature line, or forgot.  But that’s okay.

A signature line is a good marketing investment in time management.  I add links to not only my online stores, but also to anything else that I think may help a potential customer to get to know me.  I always include a banner if allowed, because we like graphics.  Don’t forget your signature for forums and groups.  If there is not an auto-signature feature at a site, consider creating one, saving it, and copying and pasting into some of your posts.  Be sure to confirm that the site allows that, because some consider it as unwanted advertising, even a type of spamming.

Signature lines are like digital collage sheets.  You create it one time, and though it may not be noticed at first, it’s on the job 24-7, and has the potential to sell, and sell, and sell.



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