Does Donating Artwork To Charitable Events Really Pay Off?

Cynthia Stevenson

Cynthia Stevenson

Ever thought about donating some of your work to charitable events, sponsorships, fund-raisers, and other activities?  If there is a personal connection it won’t matter whether you receive a return.  For donating to miscellaneous causes, J.R. Compton, in the article Should We Donate Art?,  reveals some enlightening facts about the controversial practice.

For instance, there are those who will be paid their professional salary, and those who are

expected to donate their work.  J.R. Compton says that sometimes donating to art auctions to raise funds for organizations can leave a creative person feeling cheated.  Why?

Because auctioneers, staff, other workers and others will be paid. Artists are expected to donate their work.  This may not seem to be an issue with you.  What do you expect to

receive in return for donating work that often raises money for causes, while everyone involved may be receiving monetary compensation?

In this informative article, J.R. Compton writes about an interesting non-profit established by artists and art professionals to help artists.  It seems that if you donate to this organization, the funds raised

by your gift can indirectly, if not directly, help you as a creative person.

Should We Donate Art? by J.R. Compton



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