Scam Alert: Home Cash Profits & NBC News Article

Many of you are seeking to learn more ways to self-market yourself so that you can enjoy working from home full-time.  Meanwhile, you may be reviewing other work from home opportunities while building your creative business.

Watch out for a forwarded email with a link to a bogus NBC News article reviewing this website: Home Cash Profits.  The link in the email looks like this:

I rarely open any forwarded mail anymore, so when I got this from an associate in NY, I looked at the source code as usual, which allows me not to open the email.  I then copied the link and pasted it in my browser.  It took me to a site that was supposedly the Careers page of NBC/jobs.  As I perused the work-at-home review article, I was suspicious of the numerous links to the Home Cash Profits website.  The supposed NBC writer insisted that this was the best site to obtain jobs posting links online for large companies.
I also noticed that the header was poorly aligned vertically with the rest of the page.  The article said that it would cost $9.95 to get your starter kit.  I don’t believe that I should ever have to pay to obtain work.  I realize that there are instances when funds have to be laid out, but you know what I mean.
I did a search for Home Cash Profits and quickly found many links to complaints and revelations exposing this scam.  I did a search of NBC and Home Cash Profits and found a link to the blog post below, that sums up what I believe was done by scammers:
You should also adopt the policy of never opening forwarded mail, or clicking on links within emails, unless you know the person and trust the link.  I don’t click on links sent to me in emails from my bank, PayPal, or anyone.  I go to the site directly through my browser.
I knew the person who forwarded the email to me, but I was suspicious of the link, not only out of habit, but because it was a forwarded email.  When I emailed her about what I’d found, within minutes after she’d sent it, she was so apologetic.  She is a careful person, but thought she was helping me by forwarding this info.
If you want to know how to review the source code of an email, here is a site that I found, in a simple search, that gives you easy instructions.  It’s quick and easy to look at any email source code.

data sync university: Course: How to view full Email Headers (source code)

 You can also do your own search to get links to instructions.  I used the search term reviewing email source codes.  It is also called viewing full email headers.  

One response to “Scam Alert: Home Cash Profits & NBC News Article

  1. thanx sandi…you made my words to express my feel after seeing my post featured in your blog.waiting for your part in my "just for you"page.i don't have any online store .not much dare to start one :),might be in future .will see .my name is shobana and my pen name is saheli(means friend)


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