Licensing: How Violette Snagged BrushDance Contract

Artist Violette shares her art calendar and how it happened that BrushDance offered her a contract.  If you’re interested in producing your own video clips, watch some of Violette’s.  They are well made, short, entertaining and informative.

Purchase Violette’s calendar here: Bliss 12″ Wall Calendar

6 responses to “Licensing: How Violette Snagged BrushDance Contract

  1. Reblogged this on eBook Review Gal Blog and commented:
    Video marketing is a fantastically engaging way to get your business message across to potential customers. Please watch this video to get some ideas!

    • And it’s not difficult to produce a short video. It’s just like talking to a friend about something that you love. I do admire Violette’s videos because as you said, they are fantastically engaging! Thanks for re-blogging.

      • It’s my pleasure! I love creating videos…it gives me a chance to be creative in ways other than with my writing. I’m happy to reblog 🙂

  2. I LOVE video marketing! It’s a great way to get your business message across. Violette’s work is fabulously beautiful and I really enjoyed watching this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Sheryl: Violette's work has always been this way, ever since I met her a few years ago. She's so inspiring and a happy person. I enjoy watching her videos.

  4. Thanks for sharing this great idea! And what fun and colorful artwork!


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