Scam Alert: The Walt Disney Company

Be on alert for this email:

To: The Walt Disney Company
From: The Walt Disney Company

(Without opening it I viewed the source code to find this:)

Good day,
my company is interested in your product can you please provide the following;
your minimum order quantity
your payment terms
delivery time 
can you assure of the quality when we order.
Mr Robert iger.

Just as we are advised, this is a very poor business letter.  No matter how exciting it may seem, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.  No matter how much someone may seem to be interested in you or your work, a legitimate business or business person will communicate in a professional manner.  Stop and think: No one at Walt Disney would ever contact someone like this.  Your time will come though.



2 responses to “Scam Alert: The Walt Disney Company

  1. Just the same as the fact that brilliant criminals have so much to offer the world. Thanks for visiting Angie.

  2. Wow – that's scary – I wish people could use their knowledge in a positive way instead of scamming like this. Thanks for the warning!


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