Find Your Market & Be True To Your Creativity

What I like about Megan’s point is the ability to remain true to our creative inspirations and still enjoy sales.  In her post, Selling Doesn’t Mean Selling Out she writes that You don’t have to completely change what it is you create in order to sell your artwork. You just have to find your niche audience that will LIKE what you make.  She further suggests that just because work may not appeal to a large audience doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy sales, or that we have to change our creative style in order to.

Megan is a designer with a BA from the college for Designing at Whitworth University.  She lives in Eastern Washington, enjoys beading, and has jewelry in three Etsy shops.


2 responses to “Find Your Market & Be True To Your Creativity

  1. It is an awesome article. It's a delicate balance between making and selling. I'll always lean towards making what I love, and integrating the selling into that. This article speaks so well to my belief in the value of believing in who you are.

  2. Great article! Thank you for sharing Sandy! I think if you create solely for the idea of makinga profit, you will find that you won't sell anything because you're not being who you are as an artist. It's funny how that works, but it's true!


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