Start Your Online Store Or Blog With 5 Of These…

Claudia Helena

…and get faithful visitors out of the blocks.  Launch your online store with no less than 5 listings, and your beginning visitors just might buy something.  Start your blog with no less than 5 posts and a combination of 5 gadgets, links and images in your sidebar, and your visitors just might return.  Make one of those gadgets an About Me profile link, with an avatar, and your rating, among potential followers, will increase…

It is discouraging to visit a store with 1 or 2 lonely items.  I rarely return, especially if there are little to no product descriptions.  If you have 5 items, and 3 sell before you list others, upload SOLD images to keep your store attractively populated.  Maybe some 1-item stores have sold many items, but how will a visitor know that?  It just looks like a sparsely furnished store.

Use your own feelings to determine what to do and not do in marketing yourself.  How do you feel when you visit a poorly stocked store with sloppy or no store documents?  Do you really try to re-visit a website or blog that appears to be prematurely started, or neglected?  Be patient and flesh out your site before launching.  You’ll appear and feel more like a business professional, which will go a long way towards customer confidence and potential sales.


One response to “Start Your Online Store Or Blog With 5 Of These…

  1. Here is a post by Alisa that illustrates this exactly. She shares how she feels as a visitor to another site: Blog And Your Brand


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