Promote Through Call For Artists/Crafters Links

Start sharing more quick artsy links and craftsy alerts.  Call for artists, craft design testing, creative opinion polls, etc., provide gigs and product promotion opportunities for artists, crafters, writers, photographers, and other creative professionals.

Even if there is an image or banner to share for the event, don’t forget to promote your own work.  Post one view of one of your products with a link to your storefront, at the end of your alert.


2 responses to “Promote Through Call For Artists/Crafters Links

  1. Ok. I removed the image and waiting to hear from you about the other one. Thanks.

  2. I thank you for posting the picture, but you need to put the correct bloggers site underneath. She is Back 2 Basics Health.That is a featured blog, for a link part, not one of my posts. I would really appreciate you giving credit to the correct blogger. The link to my anti aging face cream is It is very kind of you to link my site, but I don't want to take credit for something that i did not make.Thank you Debi BolocofskyAdorned From


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