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New Sidebar Resources: AV & Image Editing

In the right sidebar under AV, Audacity, GarageBand.  In the left sidebar under Desktop Publishing/Image Editing, Skitch.


Your 1st Full-time Week: Take A Peek


Most of us want to do it, become full-time at creating what we love.  How does it feel?  What do I do?  What goes on when I wake up that first morning when I no longer have to answer to a manager throughout the Continue reading

Scam Alert: The Walt Disney Company

Be on alert for this email:

To: The Walt Disney Company
From: The Walt Disney Company

(Without opening it I viewed the source code to find this:)

Good day,
my company is interested in your product can you please provide the following;
your minimum order quantity
your payment terms
delivery time 
can you assure of the quality when we order.
Mr Robert iger.

Just as we are advised, this is a very poor business letter.  No matter how exciting it may seem, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.  No matter how much someone may seem to be interested in you or your work, a legitimate business or business person will communicate in a professional manner.  Stop and think: No one at Walt Disney would ever contact someone like this.  Your time will come though.


Find Your Market & Be True To Your Creativity

What I like about Megan’s point is the ability to remain true to our creative inspirations and still enjoy sales.  In her post, Selling Doesn’t Mean Selling Out she writes that You don’t have to completely change what it is you create in order to sell your artwork. You just have to find your niche audience that will LIKE what you make.  She further suggests that just because work may not appeal to a large audience doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy sales, or that we have to change our creative style in order to.

Megan is a designer with a BA from the college for Designing at Whitworth University.  She lives in Eastern Washington, enjoys beading, and has jewelry in three Etsy shops.

Start Your Online Store Or Blog With 5 Of These…

Claudia Helena

…and get faithful visitors out of the blocks.  Launch your online store with no less than 5 listings, and your beginning visitors just might buy something.  Start your blog with no less than 5 posts and a combination of 5 gadgets, links and images in your sidebar, and your visitors just might return.  Make one of those gadgets an About Me profile link, with an avatar, and your rating, among potential followers, will increase…

It is discouraging to visit a store with 1 or 2 lonely items.  I rarely return, especially if there are little to no product descriptions.  If you have 5 items, and 3 sell before you list others, upload SOLD images to keep your store attractively populated.  Maybe some 1-item stores have sold many items, but how will a visitor know that?  It just looks like a sparsely furnished store.

Use your own feelings to determine what to do and not do in marketing yourself.  How do you feel when you visit a poorly stocked store with sloppy or no store documents?  Do you really try to re-visit a website or blog that appears to be prematurely started, or neglected?  Be patient and flesh out your site before launching.  You’ll appear and feel more like a business professional, which will go a long way towards customer confidence and potential sales.

Use Fusible Web In Collage & Art Quilting

Ana Karla

Cut time in half, and make a sturdy fabric collage as well, by using fabric fusing products.  Cate Prato considers it to be liberating rather than cheating.

She writes, in her Cloth, Paper, Scissors article, that each fusing product has its unique properties, so read manufacturer’s instructions.  Read her enthusiastic tips on how not to have to stitch a million little seams.

Tips For Using Fusible Web In Fabric Collage
Cate, a lifelong writer and editor, has been with CPS since the beginning in 2004.  She lives in Massachusetts.

Promote Through Call For Artists/Crafters Links

Start sharing more quick artsy links and craftsy alerts.  Call for artists, craft design testing, creative opinion polls, etc., provide gigs and product promotion opportunities for artists, crafters, writers, photographers, and other creative professionals.

Even if there is an image or banner to share for the event, don’t forget to promote your own work.  Post one view of one of your products with a link to your storefront, at the end of your alert.

Economical Packing Tip For Shipping Merchandise

The first thing to do to protect small, flat artwork during shipment is to wrap the piece in waxed paper.  This helps to prevent areas of the work from sticking to the wrapping.  Next wrap it in a padding of newspaper.  It can then be slipped into a padded envelope for safe shipment.