Attract Customers With Color Reverse Psychology


Have you ever wanted to walk into a cool, blue waterfall in Summer?  When the cold, blustery wind is whipping in Winter, what do you want to do then?  Get as close as you can to a fire, or other heat source, or something that looks warm and cozy, right?  This same psychology can be used to inspire customers to look at your merchandise and read your listings.

Careful placement of warm hues in Winter, in font styles, page colors and product color themes, can arrest visitors and compel them to look.  Whenever I can, I feature products that have color themes that are opposite the seasonal colors…

Be careful how you implement this strategy.  Unwise use of color reverse psychology can have the opposite affect on potential customers, and repel them.  I believe this is because we have been trained, by merchandisers, to desire warm colors for Summer and cool colors for Winter.  I don’t know about you, but seeing something blue in Winter can cause me to feel more cold than I already am.  I then don’t want to go anywhere near it.  Throw in warm-colored advertising text, or a blue, knitted sweater design with golden-orange shot through, and you’ve got my attention.  I want to cozy up to it then.  I may even buy it.  Imagine that!


2 responses to “Attract Customers With Color Reverse Psychology

  1. You know Angie, sometimes smart marketing is just a matter of evaluating how WE feel. Then we can intelligently address our potential customers.

  2. Very interesting – I'll have to pay more attention to the colors that I use.ThanksAngie


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