Analyze A Website With Site Trail

According to Wikipedia, data analysis is the inspecting of data, by highlighting useful information, to support decision making.  I stumbled upon an interesting resource to help you analyze a website’s data.  Site Trail allows you to enter the web address of any site, and if the site has enough traffic, you can get a comprehensive breakdown of various site data…
…Some types of data include SEO analysis including number of pages indexed by search engines, and unique visitor analysis.  Traffic, revenue, link and content analysis is also available.  One type of fascinating data available is color analysis, which shows the top colors used in a site’s template.

This web analysis site was founded in 2010, and you can sign up for free.  Membership is not necessary, however, to analyze a website.  One use I can see for it is to help identify good websites for advertising or purchase.  


One response to “Analyze A Website With Site Trail

  1. I evaluated, whose revenue of $13,000 per day. The site value if it was for sale is $8,949,742 USD. The site enjoys 2,000,000 visitors per month.


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