Selling Your Prints As On-Demand Products: Lucrative or Lame


How much does it really benefit you to list your artwork at on-demand products sites?  I ran across a detailed and insightful complaint about OD products giant CafePress.  Though it has
the ring of truth, I’m sure CP can benefit you depending on what you promote and on how many items.  Will it be worth it,…
…however, for what you get in return?  I never used my CP account that I opened years ago.  There have been too many changes to their TOS that seemed to me to adversely affect the artist.  Read that interesting post at

Custom Dropshipper claims to have an alternative plan that offers what CafePress, Zazzle and others don’t.  They are free for the first 30 days.  They then deduct one of three types of monthly fee plans from your PayPal account.

DeviantArt offers all registered users the opportunity to sell their artwork prints on t-shirts and other products.  Their instructions on submitting images and setting up your print products can be found here.  Many other OD products hosting sites I reviewed were more for corporate promotional and incentive products, rather than for artistic print products.

Whether it can be lucrative or lame to list prints for on-demand products is up to you.  Investing time to upload and format hundreds, and even thousands, of designs for which you only get $1 per sale may be lame.  Highlighting five of your easily recognizable designs, on a handful of popular items, may be worth the meager returns for the additional web presence.  You could move on to other things, update your profile periodically, and reap the rewards of increased exposure.


2 responses to “Selling Your Prints As On-Demand Products: Lucrative or Lame

  1. Patricia, I'm so glad to have been of help. Good luck with your licensing and I look forward to seeing some of your designs.

  2. Thanks, Sandi. I appreciate your objective insight. After reading your post, I think my efforts might be better focused on licensing that I've been preparing collections for, and your comments confirmed that for me.All the best, Patricia.


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