4 Ways To Make An Impression When You Leave

When you leave a site, delete your account, take down your page, etc., make your departure work for you.  Compose a msg/email to the people you met, to say goodbye.  Maybe you can…
…add a global goodbye post, if you think it would be appropriate.  That would, however, alert everyone.  Maybe you wouldn’t want to connect in the outer limits with everyone you met at the site.  Alternately, compose your message, save it and copy and paste it in a private message to each person whom you want to alert.

Include in it your places to connect, your listings, your sites, etc.  Invite them to keep in touch.  It would be nice to share why you are leaving, but you don’t have to.  Even if you only met and became friends with 1 person, you owe it to him/her to at least say goodbye.

  1. Say goodbye.
  2. Be professional.
  3. Show That you care.
  4. Make an impression.

Be sure to make your message warm and honest.  Remember: you are doing this because you sincerely would like to keep in touch, not because you are trying to sell to them.  Show others that you care and they will remember you, and your work.  Your professionalism just might garner some sales for you later!  Consumers like to buy from professionals.



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