A Quick & Ongoing Way To Make More Arting Time


Word processor users do it.  Spreadsheet and database users do it.  You can too, and it will help you recover more blocks of time to do what you love, creating your visual art, craft, writings and other fun stuff….
So just copy, paste and edit  everything in site.  If you’re freshly preparing copy, profiles, product descriptions, store documents, lists and anything else that you use often, you’re consuming a huge amount of wasted time.

All it takes is a few minutes to identify or make a folder to put your masters in.  Store the folder in a file directory where you can easily find it.  You can store it on your desktop for even faster retrieval.  Each time you create something new, consider it to be a master or template.  Name it and save it instead of simply using it one time.  As you access your growing stock of masters and copy, paste and edit anything that you need you’ll see an increase in your output.  Time management minutes will increasingly drop off and onto your creative projects. Remember: copy, paste and edit everything that you can, all day, everyday.  



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