How To Get People To Your Website: Host A Free One

Giving something for free easily gets the attention of potential customers.  A free site also acts as a great hub to which to link your other revenue-generating venues….

  • Do you have a skill or talent that you can share free of charge?
  • Do you have a growing desktop folder of digital media that you never use, and which has been sitting there for ages?
  • Are you good at something that you can systematically share in a way that would not take up too much valuable time?

Why not blog, feature an image gallery or start a site about it?

Don’t forget to prepare your guidelines or terms of use, and any other stipulations for your free site.  Decide to host your free site for the long haul, which will be easy to do if you pick something to give that is always a part of you.  That way you can be sure to always have new content to add to your site, which will keep your visitors coming back.

If you are a doodler, give your doodles instead of throwing them away.  Someone would love to have them, and for free?  What about those verses or quotations that you are always penning.  You write hundreds before you like one and use it.  What if someone else would be excited to be able to use your snippets?  You have something that you can give.  It’s great public relations, and if it has it’s origin in something that you love, your visitors will feel the love too! 


4 responses to “How To Get People To Your Website: Host A Free One

  1. Well Angie, it is a pleasure to feature you. I'm excited too about this blog! I see Marcia at Upcycle Fever joined, so maybe it's okay now. But I know you'll try to follow again soon. I'm also going to put a Linky Followers widget here also.

  2. I love your new blog!! And thank you so much for posting my sunflower necklace in your "blog's handmade spot." I'm very excited about this new blog!Thanks againAngiePS – I've been trying to join/follow & it keeps saying "this webpage cannot be found" – maybe it's a blogger thing – I will try again later.

  3. Hosting a free site is also a great way to give back. How often have you taken advantage of free stuff, to help your business, on the Net? Pay it forward. We all benefit.

  4. Think! Brainstorm! One person's trash is another person's treasure.


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