Watermarking Can Help Or Harm Your Image(s)

If you’re considering watermarking your images, read Kyle’s article on what to consider.  At About.com, he discusses types of watermarking, and whether to even do it or not.  He has written a lightly-detailed, easy to read article that can help you decide what is best for your pictures.  Watermarking can help prevent theft, but depending on how you use your pics, it can also hurt your image(s).

How To Watermark Your Photos by Kyle Shurman

Rebecca guides you through watermarking with Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial: Adding A Watermark To Your Images by Rebeccca Baer


2 responses to “Watermarking Can Help Or Harm Your Image(s)

  1. Think carefully before deciding to watermark your blog/website images. Maybe it is more critical to watermark certain ones than all of them. Though it's not intended to, watermarking can cause your readers to feel like outsiders, when THEY are who you are writing for.

  2. It can be annoying to read a blog or website where every image is watermarked. You can feel like you are looking around and through the text on each image.


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