Consider Creating & Sharing An Original Techniques List

If you have created some new techniques in your art and crafting, why not make a list to share?  This linked list will not only steer visitors to your site(s), it can also help establish you as the originator as others learn and copy your style.  It’s also a nifty place for you to keep track of your original techniques for your own records….

If you haven’t, be sure to name each of your techniques, and provide a link to an image, tutorial or blog post to illustrate each one.  View my blossoming list, in the left-hand sidebar, at my online studio at blogger:  SHMM.

As you share your techniques word will get around and you’ll be given credit in creative circles.  Creating an original techniques list just helps the process along.  Just remember: if you’re claiming credit for the technique, it must be really original.  If it was actually inspired, and too closely resembles the technique of another artist, then you’re not really the originator.  It would be better in that case to give credit sometimes by mentioning the person by whom you were inspired.  Don’t include a technique like that in your list.


One response to “Consider Creating & Sharing An Original Techniques List

  1. I added a new original technique to my list, in the left-hand sidebar at my online studio.


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