Are Your Neglected Profiles & Pages Helping Or Harming Your Image?


Make good use of multiple social media accounts but don’t take on more than you can keep up with.  I utilize Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and of course this blog.  I used to have a few more, but it was hard to keep up with.  They’re only useful for you if you actually have the time to use them.”

This suggestion was blogged by a jewelry artisan friend, Heather Everson.  She suggests that we not take on more social media…
accounts than we can keep up with.  Some feel that being dormant….
on a site is better than no promotion at all, but what image does it really project about your operation?….

When you have so many accounts that you haven’t found time to update your profile page for a year, how does it look to visitors?  When you join new crafting social sites, listing sites and galleries, and haven’t edited or uploaded new content since 2010, because you are overloaded, what is it saying about you to potential customers?

Consider deleting some of your accounts and updating the others on a regular schedule.  The schedule is up to you and also depends on the site content.  Whether daily or monthly, or quarterly visiting your profiles and pages to dust, rearrange and replace will inspire interest, excitement and confidence in your visitors.  It could turn them into customers, and you wouldn’t mind that, would you?


3 responses to “Are Your Neglected Profiles & Pages Helping Or Harming Your Image?

  1. My pleasure. I decided to add your last name as well, because you always use it yourself. Happy creating!

  2. Thanks for featuring me here!

  3. It's exciting to join every other social media site and linking list that we hear about. How else are we going to generate contacts and customers? Building long-term prospects and lasting friendships takes commitment and serious management, which can convert visits into sales.Don't just join, join, join and never go back because you just don't have time. If we don't have time for others and treat them as just a link number, the equation is simple: they won't have time for us.


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