Wendy On Choosing A Business Name

Wendy at Handmade Harbor discusses Choosing A Business Name.  She’s a full-time designer/maker who lives in Warrington, Cheshire, England.  She enjoys drawing, painting and sewing.

I met her through Blog-Train, the blog directory which was recently opened to the US.


5 responses to “Wendy On Choosing A Business Name

  1. John Ferris' link took me to Blog.com, an interesting looking blog host.

  2. Thanks for this reminder, John. It is important in establishing credibility. For some it is accidental. That's why your tip is so important. Although it's not all-inclusive, it good to do an internet search at least before deciding on that favorite name.

  3. Hi Wendy: I'm always glad to share the wisdom of others. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Do not choose a name that closely resembles that of a prominent company in your line of business. This is a fatal mistake that some people make thinking that clients will mistake your new business for the original one. The truth is that it will take a short time for word to spread about that business and people will only take you for a copycat. business name ideas

  5. Hi Sandi, thanks for the mention – looks like we might have a lot in common! Good luck with the new blog 🙂


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