SMT Now Listed On Technorati

Review and listing at Technorati is complete:
Paperlady Blog Claims

(In process of listing this blog F6F6NHXF6SME at Technorati.  Thanks for your patience.)


One response to “SMT Now Listed On Technorati

  1. To list your blog on Technorati, you simply have to enter your blog claim info in your profile, and once you receive your code (either through email or at your profile page) you make a post and paste the code within a sentence. Their crawler can then pick up your site and complete the process. Don't paste your code at the end or beginning of a sentence, or on a line at the bottom by itself. I've found it to work when there is text before and after the code.Make a bogus post, or fit it into an actual post, or make an explanatory post for your visitors, as I've done above. I've read that Technorati is not the same anymore and some are dissatisfied. It doesn't cost anything to list your blog or site, and it can't hurt.


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