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What Would You Have Done If YOU Owned Facebook?

Heather Everson

We’ve heard quite a bit of negative press about Zuckerberg ‘s Facebook public offering launch.    Investors are disappointed and anxious about the seemingly endless rollercoaster value of shares.  What would you have done differently if you owned FB?  How would you have handled the initial share offering, or prepared for it?

If you owned FB, what would you do now?


Are Your Neglected Profiles & Pages Helping Or Harming Your Image?


Make good use of multiple social media accounts but don’t take on more than you can keep up with.  I utilize Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and of course this blog.  I used to have a few more, but it was hard to keep up with.  They’re only useful for you if you actually have the time to use them.”

This suggestion was blogged by a jewelry artisan friend, Heather Everson.  She suggests that we not take on more social media…
accounts than we can keep up with.  Some feel that being dormant….
on a site is better than no promotion at all, but what image does it really project about your operation?….

When you have so many accounts that you haven’t found time to update your profile page for a year, how does it look to visitors?  When you join new crafting social sites, listing sites and galleries, and haven’t edited or uploaded new content since 2010, because you are overloaded, what is it saying about you to potential customers?

Consider deleting some of your accounts and updating the others on a regular schedule.  The schedule is up to you and also depends on the site content.  Whether daily or monthly, or quarterly visiting your profiles and pages to dust, rearrange and replace will inspire interest, excitement and confidence in your visitors.  It could turn them into customers, and you wouldn’t mind that, would you?

Cody Talks About Preventing Right-Click Abuse

Get tips from Cody on stopping plagiarism as she shares her knowledge.  She encourages us to make sure that others are not using your pictures on their site without your permission.  She also talks about a blog post that she ran across in which the author details How To Search Google With A Picture Or Photo….

It’s too bad that we have to spend precious time policing like this, but it is a necessary part of managing an internet presence.  We should take notice of what is going on.  Decide to be aware, and choose how and how much policing you are willing to do to protect your work.

Test Your Links, Increase Traffic


How many customers have you lost because some of your links are broken?  Assuming that your links are okay when you make them can cost you lots of connections and sales. Do you know what it means to say a link is broken ?

  1. You typed your link address incorrectly.
  2. You copied your link address incorrectly….
  3. There was a browser problem and your link did not save.
  4. There was a site problem and your link did not save.
Visit some of your own links, especially the ones to your listing sites.  Maybe you’ll discover why you visitor count has barely increased.  Correct your links and you just may sell those long-standing listed products.

Wendy On Choosing A Business Name

Wendy at Handmade Harbor discusses Choosing A Business Name.  She’s a full-time designer/maker who lives in Warrington, Cheshire, England.  She enjoys drawing, painting and sewing.

I met her through Blog-Train, the blog directory which was recently opened to the US.

SMT Now Listed On Technorati

Review and listing at Technorati is complete:
Paperlady Blog Claims

(In process of listing this blog F6F6NHXF6SME at Technorati.  Thanks for your patience.)

What Small Fact About Your Product Would Be Big To A Potential Customer?

Kazutaka NAKANO

All items from dizzeelizzee come from a smoke free home.

This is an impressive little fact that could sway a potential customer to make a purchase. Think hard. What fact about your work or service would a potential customer have no way of knowing if you had never told him? Write it up, quick, and insert it into your promotional text.

Increase Sales By Writing More

slightly everything 

Take time to write out every detail, in your product descriptions, that your customers would want to know.  You only have to write a master for this document once.  After that, it’s only a matter of editing and updating.

Shabby Cottage Studio has one of the best digital product descriptions that I’ve read.  Patti’s shop policies and product description, at PholkartBlessings, explain clearly what a customer can expect and how her digi stamps are to be used….

Adding more detail to your descriptions and overviews answers the questions that your customers may have, before they ask them.  This reduces the number of emails/phone calls and other interaction, and closes the sale faster.

Be A Stop On The Circuit, Use A Link Tool

Dana Moos

I found myself at Perfectly Provident’s Make Your Own Mixes post, and surprised at how I got there.  It was through following link tools posted on blogs.  Did I leave comments along the way?  Not this time, but my quick visits are worth something to the blog owners who count those things….

My journey went like this:  I visited Ardith Goodwin through Art Blog Hop.  After looking at a couple of Ardith’s blogs, I chose to follow a regular blog link (not a link TOOL link) to Creative Everyday.  I saw Leah’s use of a link list at the end of some of her blog posts, and clicked on the link host  to learn more.

That led me to do a Google search for the host, where I found Tip Junkie in the search results, writing about the link host.  Here Laurie talks about what lead her to start using the link tool, giving credit to inspiration from Rocks In My Dryer, who uses it all the time.

Out of Shannon’s 277 non-thumbnail  links at the end of a post at RIMD, one actually caught my eye: Make Your Own Mixes.  It happened so fast that I don’t even know what link it was in the list.  I went back to find it and it took too much scanning to try.  I was at Polly’s site before I knew it, reviewing her simple dry mix recipes, and agreeing with one commentor that they would make great Christmas gifts.

The moral: Don’t downplay the usefulness of a simple link list.  Though I didn’t use a link tool connection for every lap of my travel, it was link tools that began my journey and ended it, increasing the visit count for every site along the way.