A Private, Not Public Poll May Project A Better Image

Keith Burtis

Acting as though you are established and experienced is not deceit, it is savvy marketing.  So what to do if you’re making changes or developing a new design?

If at all possible, avoid polling the public for opinions and feedback.  It can make you look like a novice panning for visits, even if it’s not so….
A more image-preserving way to test the waters would be to privately contact a few select business associates.  Run your idea or design by them.  While waiting for their responses, either delay going live with your idea, or go ahead and make it public.

If you decide on the latter, do it as though you know what you’re doing.  Don’t put it out there like a flailing fish out of water.  You may lose customers who are seeking someone who is more confident and established, when you actually are that person.

As far as attracting visits is concerned, it’s not all about getting visitors to click in.  They can click in droves, and then never come back, remembering you only as an amateur.  It’s about showing the world that no matter what your level in business, you are always purposely and confidently moving forward.

Public polling is useful in many ways, but consider re-evaluating your reason for launching your next one.  You may decide that it will be more beneficial to make it private.


One response to “A Private, Not Public Poll May Project A Better Image

  1. Building relationships with associates who reciprocate takes time. There are less of these than of those who link up to jump on the bandwagon, and then never come back. Which would you rather have in the long run? Which is worth your time today?


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