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Self Marketing Today, along with Living To Create, have become The Creative Seller. Please visit my new site at the main page, or at the blog.

Seeing Your Products With Fresh Eyes,

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Handmade sellers, self-taught artists, freelance designers, self-published writers, and other creative independents, learn ways to improve your marketing strategy and capitalize on your skills, talk about your creative pursuits and expand your horizons at

The Creative Seller.

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Blog To Be Combined

SMT will be combined with Living To Create. I am in the process of moving it now. Thanks for visiting.

Blog On Hiatus

This blog is on hiatus as I re-think its direction. I love blogging and don’t intend to give it up at all, but to continue will involve massive reevaluation and reorganization. Look for an announcement sometime in the spring.

Thank you for reading,

Sandi Holland

Namely, Thunder Rose Leather

Thunder Rose Leather logo

Thunder Rose Leather at Zibbet

Namely Is An Infrequent, Mini Feature That Helps You To Brainstorm Business Naming

Ever wondered how business owners find their unique and memorable business names? Thunder Rose Leather is such a name; one that caused me to imagine all sorts of beautiful things. A bright, bold-colored, yet soft rose. Rainy storm clouds. A volatile, cherished love.  The name evokes so much atmosphere. When I asked Debbie, co-owner with her husband John, these questions: Thunder Rose Leather is a beautiful name. Is there such a flower? How did you choose Continue reading

Meet Self-Published Writer C. Maria Wall

Silent Noise: Healing Poetry of Life by C. Maria Wall

Silent Noise: Healing Poetry of Life by C. Maria Wall

C. Maria Wall is Founder and Director of The Wall Foundation, Inc., a non-profit that she launched to help at-risk youth and their families. She has and still does various types of writing, as a President and CEO who oversees the daily operations of all board members and volunteers. In fact, she has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil, form words and put those words on paper.

Ms. Wall has written five books; three being poetry volumes and two books on Continue reading

The Old Google Reader Is Fine

AllAboutTheButtons at #Zibbet


There is so much to review and read as we build and manage our business ventures. What feed reader do you use?  With the demise of iGoogle and Google Reader, many alternatives have been promoted. After reviewing the lists of Continue reading

New Sidebar Links & Wanelo

A variety of new sidebars links are available..New sidebars links available in Free Graphics & Images, Image Editing and Indie Publishing Sites. Also use Wanelo, which is similar to Pinterest, to market yours and the work of others. Wanelo doesn’t have as much handmades activity as Pinterest. It is easy to use, with a pin button that you can add to your browser bookmarks or favorites bar.

Create More Time To Create

Stamp making.

Maria Tenorio

Protect yourself from becoming overloaded and paralyzed. Increase your production and get more business management done. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  1. Start deleting accounts to sites for which you can’t regularly update your profile and participate, within a Continue reading
New Image Editing Links

Attract more customers with better image editing.

New image editing programs links added in left sidebar. Improve your images and potential customers will return to your online store.

Zibbet blog post image of character w/ large magnifying glass.

Help your products to get found at Zibbet.

If you’re on Zibbet, you may have questions about finding some of your products when searching.  Here’s a good review post on understanding how the search feature at Zibbet works. Being Found in a Zibbet Search.